Frederick County Government Television (FCG TV) has teamed up with local farmers in an effort to educate the public on how local agricultural products are produced. 

The series takes viewers on a virtual tour and aims to share a behind the scenes look into farming in Frederick County. Host, Yvette Castillo, showcases the county’s diverse and vibrant agricultural industry while highlighting innovations being made by our local farmers!

“Farming Frederick” shines a light on the hardworking farmers that make up Maryland’s largest commercial industry” – Katie Stevens, Director, Frederick County Office of Agriculture. 

Farming Frederick Videos

Episode 9: Chicken Hatchery

Yvette visits Deer Run Farm in Emmitsburg to learn about their heritage breed chicken hatchery. Owner, Allison Stewart gives Yvette a closer look into the process of incubating, hatching and preparing baby chicks to be shipped all across the United States. 




Episode 8: Christmas Trees

Join Yvette for the most wonderful time of the year at Mayne’s Tree Farm in Buckeystown. Owner, Mehrl Mayne lends tips and tricks to keeping your Christmas tree healthy and fresh throughout the season.

Episode 7: Driving a Combine

It’s harvest time in Frederick County. Tag along with Yvette as she takes the reins operating a combine during corn harvest at Tucker Family Farm. Justin Tucker, owner and 2024 Frederick County Young Farmer of the Year, guides her in this responsibility.

Episode 6: Alpaca Obstacle Course

Owner of Whispering Meadows Alpaca Breeders in Mt. Airy, Rick German, welcomes Yvette to the farm to learn how to show alpacas. With help from Frederick County 4-H members, she guides a young alpaca through an obstacle course! Be sure to visit The Great Frederick Fair to see these types of events in person. 

Episode 5: Picking Blueberries

Follow along as Yvette visits and tours Glade Link Farms with co-owner Gwen Whitmore. Learn all about growing and harvesting blueberries and the pick-your-own operation in Keymar.

Episode 4: Waterwheel Planter

Farming Frederick visits Moon Valley Farm, an organic produce operation in Woodsboro. Follow along as host, Yvette gets her hands dirty planting vegetables alongside the farm’s owner, Emma Jagoz.

Episode 3: Day in the Life of an Angus Cow

See what life is like for beef cattle on one of Frederick County’s Century Farms, Needwood Farms. Owners, Richard and Tim Pry educate us on the basics of raising and caring for Angus cattle. 

Episode 2: Growing Hydroponic Lettuce

Take a tour with co-owner Ali to learn about District Farms‘ Controlled Environment Agriculture operation in Frederick. With this model, District Farms is able to sustainably produce consistent, high-quality leafy greens year-round and shield their crops from animals, insects and the weather.

Episode 1: Milk a Cow

Learn how Rocky Point Creamery, in Tuscarora, uses technology to milk its cows. Owner, Chuck Fry gives us a tour and shows us how his cows are milked with robotic milkers and the records that are kept using GPS ear tags.