Frederick County Government Television (FCG TV) has teamed up with local farmers in an effort to educate the public on how local foods are produced.

Join local farmers on monthly video tours as host, Yvette Castillo showcases Frederick County’s diverse and vibrant agricultural industry. The series aims to share an insider’s view of what it is like to farm in Frederick County while highlighting innovations being made by our local farmers!

“Farming Frederick” shines a light on the hardworking farmers that make up Maryland’s largest commercial industry” – Katie Stevens Director of Workforce Development and Agriculture Business at Frederick County Office of Economic Development

Farming Frederick Videos

Episode 2: Growing Hydroponic Lettuce

Take a tour with co-owner Ali to learn about District Farms’ Controlled Environment Agriculture operation in Frederick. With this model, District Farms is able to sustainably produce consistent, high-quality leafy greens year-round and shield their crops from animals, insects and the weather. 

Episode 1: Milk a Cow

Learn how Rocky Point Creamery, in Tuscarora, uses technology to milk its cows. Owner, Chuck Fry gives us a tour and shows us how his cows are milked with robotic milkers and the records that are kept using GPS ear tags.