Amber Beachley: Top Young Ag Professional

Amber Beachley

Each year, the Frederick County Office of Economic Development (FCOED) collaborates with Frederick Magazine for Frederick’s Top 50 publication. The 2022 issue, released in January, features Frederick’s Top 50 Under 40. Homegrown Frederick wanted to take a similar approach and highlight the young entrepreneurs and leaders in the agriculture and craft beverage industries. The Homegrown Frederick magazine, released June 1, announces Frederick County’s Top Young Agricultural Professionals. Each week we will be highlighting these individuals so you can get to know them better.

Amber Beachley, 36, is part owner/operator of Moo Cow Creamery at Walnut Ridge Farm and named one of Frederick County’s Top Young Ag Professionals. Born and raised on the family dairy farm in Middletown as a ninth-generation farmer, agriculture has always been in her blood. Her love and devotion to the industry began while feeding animals at a young age and only grew as she acquired more responsibilities on the farm. While working away from the home operation for a few years, Amber gained experience bottling milk and making ice cream for a creamery. She carried that knowledge back home and with her mother established Moo Cow Creamery in 2020 to offer sweet cream butter and flavored artisan cheeses made from their cow’s milk. Moo Cow Creamery has recently expanded its offerings to provide farm-raised chicken, beef, and eggs, which can be ordered on her website.

The family operates a total of 300 acres, 180 of which they own, milks approximately 85 Guernsey and Jersey cows twice daily and cares for another 100-150 dry and youngstock at any given time. On the farm, Amber can be found milking, feeding calves and youngstock and helping with fieldwork as needed. Her responsibilities at the creamery consist of picking up their products from the processor, delivering to retailers, prepping products and baskets to fulfill customer orders and marketing. Amber indicates her biggest on-farm accomplishment as raising and caring for their youngstock because “the young are our future” as she states. Raising a healthy sustainable heifer is the first step vital toward producing cows that make high-quality milk to be processed into dairy products like butter or cheese.

Amber is a member of both the Maryland Guernsey Breeders and American Guernsey Associations and is committed to educating the public on the importance of agriculture, expressing the notable phrase, “No farms, No food.” Moo Cow Creamery also works to give back to the community by donating cheese and butter to local food banks. Amber is compassionate, patient, loving and devoted – all traits that she can attribute to her success and valuable when raising cattle. “My grandfather, Douglas, has influenced me the most,” she says. “He showed me the love for our ground and cattle. He spent his life doing what he loved and showed me that not every day is easy, but if you love what you do then it is not work.”

We are proud to honor Amber Beachley in Frederick County’s Top Young Ag Professionals. The full list can be found here. It is safe to say the local agricultural industry has a bright future ahead with young leaders like her at the helm. Be sure to congratulate Amber from Moo Cow Creamery on this well-deserved accolade!