Let’s get Crafty for the Holidays

The holiday season is here and it’s time to celebrate with holiday cheer over some fun crafts. Every family has their own traditions for the holidays, but it’s never too late to start new ones. Craft nights with family or friends can kick off the holiday season with lots of joy and cheer.

Making a holiday wreath to decorate your front door is easier than you might think, and a great opportunity to add your own person touch.

Supplies you will need:

  1. Pine Leaves
  2. Wire Wreath Frame
  3. Floral Wire
  4. Scissors/Wire cutters
  5. Hot glue gun and glue
  6. Any desired accessories to add to wreath

How to make a Christmas Wreath:

  1. Collect pine leaves
    1. You can go outside and explore the woods or check out our list of Frederick County Christmas tree farms here
  2. Make bundles with your pine leaves and attach at an angle to your wreath frame with wire
    1. Additional greens can be added into the bundles (go out and explore your yard for unique branches, and greens)
  3. Repeat step 2, slightly overlapping each bundle to cover the wire until the frame is full
  4. Once your wreath is full, fluff out the leaves until you get your desired look
  5. Add any accessories you choose with either wire or hot glue
    1. Bow, pinecones, ornaments, etc.
  6. Hang your wreath on the door to welcome visitors with a bit of holiday cheer!

We can’t wait to see all the crafts you do this holiday season and remember to support your local farmers and businesses!