Looking for Sod? Bullfrog Sod can help!

Allie Bennett

There’s a new sod farm in town!

Just over a year ago, following a dream, the Bennett and Killian families purchased the well-known Chuck Wade Sod Farm property in Adamstown. Today, the business is known as Bullfrog Sod. Recently we visited the farm and spent some time with owner/operator Allie Bennett to learn about the family and operation.

Allie, a native of New Jersey, spent many years living in New York City. However, this city girl always had the itch to move to the country and dreamt about raising her family on a farm. She and her husband, Andy, a local agricultural insurance agent, ended up moving down the road from Chuck Wade Sod Farm and always admired the property. When the property hit the market, the couple, along with Allie’s parents Steve and Suzanne Killian (who then lived in Herndon, VA) jumped on the opportunity. The two couples decided to go into business together and become sod farmers. “We are proud to uphold the farm’s long-standing tradition of close customer relationships, consistent communication and of course, top quality sod,” Allie says.

Did you know that not only can sod be harvested and laid in the winter, but it can also be beneficial to do so? What better time than the present to beat the spring landscaping rush and create a beautiful lawn now for holiday gatherings? Bullfrog Sod uses a mixed seed sod blend that is 90% Tall Fescue and 10% Kentucky Bluegrass. This cool-weather grass blend can withstand cold temperatures and simply goes dormant during the winter. Allie is proud to produce high-quality sod that is completely Maryland Certified! That means their products are produced under the supervision/inspection of the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Generally, certified products do not contain weeds and have a lower instance of insect and disease problems.

Bullfrog Sod is a true family affair with three generations involved. Allie loves living next to and working alongside her parents. She and Andy also love the opportunity to give their young boys (ages 3 and 1 ½) the experience of learning about and growing up in agriculture. The sole non-family employee, John, has become just like family, says Allie. He is their on-farm sod expert helping to keep the sod healthy year-round. Allie and her family are excited about this venture and appreciate the opportunity to serve the local community in their sod needs. Contact Allie directly at the information listed below to learn more about laying sod this winter. Be sure to visit their website to learn more about how to purchase from Bullfrog Sod and follow along with their Instagram and Facebook pages. (If you’ve never seen a sod cutter in action, make sure to check out their videos because that machine is incredible!) 

Sod cutter

Allie Bennett
Chief Operating Officer
Bullfrog Sod, LLC
(301) 662-0736

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