Shop Small: Homegrown Frederick Edition

Shop Small

There is no better time than the present to shop small! Today and every day we honor the Homegrown Frederick businesses that help provide necessary food and fiber to the world! 

Frederick County has a rich history in agriculture. As we have seen farmland acres decrease over the years, farmers have had to become more resilient, efficient and innovative producing more with less land. They are oftentimes faced with difficult decisions about whether to add on or pivot to a different agricultural enterprise to remain viable. While local agriculture is ever-changing, it remains a key industry for Frederick County. The Covid-19 pandemic hit our farmers hard and revealed the fragility of our national food system. In turn, this has created a demand for local direct-to-consumer products like we have never seen before. Our community is fortunate to have some of the best local products in the state of Maryland along with knowledgeable and passionate agricultural advocates!

If you haven’t browsed the Homegrown Frederick website yet, what are you waiting for? It is your map to visit local farms, find local products, craft beverage businesses, farmer’s markets and more! Frederick County is home to more than fifteen farms that offer community-supported agriculture (CSA) subscriptions and the same number of farm wineries. The county encompasses a diverse ag business community including creameries, flower farms, beef and poultry operations, equine facilities, nurseries and sod farms among others! We love our booming agriculture and craft beverage scene in Frederick County and want to be sure it remains an economically strong industry into the future. Not only do these businesses provide us with food and beverage, they also educate the general public on where food comes from and how it is produced. Ag businesses create jobs and bring visitors to our county boosting the local economy.

Take a day to celebrate our small businesses! Visit one of our wineries, breweries or distilleries or head out to a farm or market. Purchase local products, talk to the owners, farmers or employees and thank them for what they provide to our community. Agriculture is an underappreciated industry, and we could not survive without those who produce essential food, fiber and other ag products.

Thank you for supporting small businesses, buying local and helping to keep Frederick County’s agricultural heritage alive.

Most of all, thank you Frederick County farmers and craft beverage businesses, your hard work does not go unnoticed. We appreciate you and as always The Frederick County Office of Economic Development (FCOED), and Homegrown Frederick staff are always here to support you!