2023 Ag Awards Revealed: Farm Family, Ag Business, Ag Advocate and Young Farmer of the Year

Farm Family of the Year- Clyde C Crum & Son Inc.
Friday, September 15, 2023, signifies the beginning of the 161st Great Frederick Fair. It is also a night to celebrate the excellence within Frederick County’s agricultural community and announce the 2023 Frederick County Agriculture Awards. On behalf of the Agriculture Business Council in conjunction with The Great Frederick Fair and Ag Education PR Committee, we are honored to recognize the 43rd Farm Family of the Year, 17th Ag Advocate and Ag Business and 8th Young Farmer of the Year!

Farm Family of the Year – Clyde C. Crum & Son, Inc.

The Crum Family (pictured above) embodies the very essence of what it means to be stewards of the land and champions of our farming traditions. The family began farming in Frederick County in the 1700s.  Having grown up on a dairy farm, Clyde Sr. opened his own in Northern Frederick County. His son Cory joined the enterprise in 1988. The family owns a combined 182 acres. In total, Cory farms 310 acres of corn and soybeans. They work with the local soil conservation district implementing best management practices to help protect our natural resources including the Chesapeake Bay. The family’s unwavering commitment to agriculture, spanning generations, has not only sustained their family, but has also enriched our entire community.

Ag Advocate of the Year – Belinda Burrier

Belinda BurrierBelinda married David Burrier 20 years ago, joining the local agriculture community. Since then, she has put Frederick County agriculture on the map for state, national and global recognition. She was the first woman ever to be elected as a chair on the Maryland Soybean Board, where she served for nine years. She then took her advocacy to a national level and is in the midst of her ninth and final year on the United Soybean Board (USB) where she became the first Maryland representative to have ever been elected to the USB executive committee. This achievement not only speaks to her dedication but also her pioneering spirit. She didn’t just break barriers, she shattered them, opening doors for future generations of Maryland Farmers to follow in her footsteps. Follow her Facebook page for a glimpse into her advocacy journey.

Ag Business of the Year – The Piedmont Group

The Piedmont Group was founded in 1999 with the sole purpose of providing insurance programs with tailored coverages, for less premium than the competitors while providing best-in-class customer service. In Frederick County alone, the Piedmont Group has more than 120 clients. The business has grown to be licensed across the country with approximately 1400 total clients in 30 states. This recognition is not just a recognition of past achievements but also a testament to the bright future of the Piedmont Group is helping to build for our industry, their innovation, dedication and passion for agriculture inspire us all to strive for excellence.

Young Farmer of the Year – Justin Tucker

Justin TuckerJustin Tucker, Owner of Creekside Farms, grew up as the 5th generation on his family’s dairy farm in Jefferson. A passion for agriculture, hard work and entrepreneurship were ingrained in him from a young age. He utilized the County’s Critical Farms program in 2020 to purchase his 200-acre farm in Knoxville from his family. It was then transitioned into a permanent land preservation easement through the Maryland Agriculture Land Preservation Foundation. Justin was also recently elected to the Southern States Board of Directors. Currently, he grows grain varieties of corn, soybeans, sorghum, wheat and barley on approximately 1200 acres using best management practices in his commitment to protect soil quality and sustainability.

We hope you find inspiration from these honorees and admire their passion and dedication to Frederick County’s agricultural industry and commitment to the land. Their hard work and sacrifices remind us that our ag community is strong, resilient and diverse. Stay tuned for future blogs on HomegrownFrederick.com highlighting each individual award recipient! You can also follow along with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.