2023 Frederick County Farm Family of the Year- Clyde C. Crum & Son, Inc.

Crum Family

The 161st Great Frederick Fair has come and gone, but the excellence of Frederick County’s agricultural community, showcased at the Ag Awards Ceremony, continues to captivate our attention. While we previously unveiled the award recipients, which you can explore here, we’re eager to dive deeper into each recipient’s story.  Join us as we uncover the unique stories and exceptional contributions of our remarkable awardees. On behalf of the Agriculture Business Council in conjunction with The Great Frederick Fair and Ag Education PR Committee, we are honored to recognize the 43rd Farm Family of the Year, Clyde C. Crum & Son, Inc- The Crum Family.

Young Clyde CrumClyde Sr. developed a passion for dairy farming while growing up on his family’s farm in Frederick. In 1961, he leased land embarking on his own dairy farming operation with his wife, Kitty. Three years later an opportunity arose to rent his parents’ farm. They relocated the herd across the road and milked in the stanchion barn until 1981. In 1978, Clyde Sr. purchased the farm on Links Bridge Road and built a double 8 milking parlor which enabled them to grow the herd. They moved to Thurmont in 1981 and continued to grow the dairy operation. Their story is one of resilience in adapting to changing times and variables out of their control such as volatile markets and unpredictable weather. The family pushed through challenges always believing better times were ahead.

In 1988, Clyde Sr. and his son Cory joined together to form Clyde C. Crum & Son Inc. and farmed together until Clyde Sr.’s retirement in 2007. At that time, Cory took over the business and operation of the dairy farm. Over the years, he was proud to achieve his mission to produce high-quality milk and retired from dairy farming just last year. Cory is currently employed part-time by D.W. Ogg while continuing to crop farm. The family owns a combined 182 acres. In total, Cory farms 310 acres of corn and soybeans. They have always worked with the local soil conservation district implementing best management practices to help protect our natural resources including the Chesapeake Bay.

Crum FamilyClyde C. Crum and Son, Inc. is a true family affair. The Crums showcased the dedication and sacrifices of the entire family. Clyde and Kitty Crum have four children, Cathy Quirk, Clyde C. Crum Jr (Cory), Carol Devilbiss and John Crum, all of whom helped on the farm growing up, while Cory chose to continue the family legacy. Cory’s wife Debbie and two children David Crum and Karen Nicklas were also integral to the dairy operation, helping on weekends and as needed. David and Karen remain active in the local ag community. Karen is the General Manager of The Great Frederick Fair and David is a Vice President and Branch Manager at Woodsboro Bank.

The Crum Family has always been heavily involved with local agricultural organizations. They are Life Members of the Frederick County Agricultural Society, with Clyde Sr. serving on the board of directors for 42 years! They are also Life Members of the Frederick County Farm Museum and continue to run the annual cake sale fundraiser at the Fall Festival, which was started by Clyde’s mother, Frances Crum. Clyde served as president of the Capital Milk Co-Op and Cory is the Current Board Chair of the Frederick Farmer’s Coop. The Crum family has held an active role in planning the Farm Bureau Safety Camp. Cory participated in planning the first-ever camp, a role that Karen has now transitioned into. Both Cory and Clyde served on the Frederick County Agribusiness Committee planning fundraising events to provide scholarships for ag students. They also both grew up within the 4H program, as did their children. Kitty and Debbie were co-leaders for their children’s 4-H clubs.

Kitty and Clyde CrumIn recognizing the Crum Family as Farm Family of the Year, we celebrate their dedication to the land, their passion for agriculture, and their unwavering commitment to the well-being of our community. Their story serves as a source of inspiration and a reminder of the profound impact one family can have on an entire industry. Stay tuned for the next spotlight on the Frederick County Ag Advocate of the Year, Belinda Burrier! You can also follow along with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.