Thousands of Sunflowers in Bloom for Valley View Acres Annual Festival

Sunflower field

valley view logoSunflower festival open for two more weekends

Valley View Acres farm in Middletown, Maryland is welcoming patrons once again for their annual sunflower festival! Open just two more weekends, July 29-30 and August 5-6 from 10:00 am-4:00 pm each day. Don’t miss the opportunity to relish in the beautiful blooms of the season. With thousands of sunflowers in peak bloom, over 40 acres to roam and breathtaking views, festival goers have raved over this little slice of heaven for over 5 years. Admission is $5, children 5 and under are free and sunflowers are $1 per bloom. The event is cash only so please come prepared!

Valley View Acres is a small family-owned farm nestled in the beautiful Middletown Valley. Primarily a crop farm over the years, the owners decided to diversify operations to include a festival to share the beauty of the area with locals both near and far. The valley, boasting some of the most fertile soil in the country, grows gorgeous sunflowers as well as two lovely fields of wildflowers and a field of zinnias. The view from higher on the hillside overlooks the fields and valley spanning to South Mountain and is a site rivaled by few in our humble opinion. The owners enjoy opening the farm to the community for the season and the small-town hospitality radiates throughout the event from the moment you enter.

The event doesn’t just offer flowers. Local vendors, food, yard games, kids’ activities and a play area are just a few of the things that add to the fun at the farm. The owner prides himself on having the best hand-cut French fries in the tri-state area and each order is made fresh while you wait; you can even watch and chat with him as he makes them! As a lifelong farmer the family understands the importance of community and that together we can help support one another in so many ways. Do us a favor and stop by to show support for your local farmer and don’t forget to take home a bouquet to enjoy!

Valley View Acres has been open to the public annually for festivals in Middletown, Maryland since 2019 and hopes to foster a relationship with the community for years to come. For questions or comments please email us at info@valleyviewacresmd and be sure to follow along our journey on social media @valleyviewacresmd

Valley View Acres
4005 Valley View Rd
Middletown, MD 21769