11 Days and 11 Ways to Celebrate Maryland Buy Local Week!

Maryland Buy Local Week

applesWhile it is imperative for consumers to buy local all year long, we would love for you to honor Frederick County farmers by purchasing and enjoying locally grown products throughout Maryland’s Buy Local Week (July 21- July 31). By purchasing local, you can contribute to the growth and prosperity of Frederick County while enjoying high-quality, sustainable goods. Here are 11 fantastic ways to engage in this celebration and support local producers:


  1. Explore Farmers’ Markets: Purchase fresh, locally grown foods from the numerous farmers’ markets scattered across the county. Connect with the farmers, learn about their practices, and savor the flavors of a bountiful harvest.
  2. Order Farm Fresh Subscriptions and Deliveries: Embrace convenience and sustainability by signing up for a CSA subscription or ordering from farms that provide your favorite products delivered straight to your doorstep.
  3. Adorn Your Home with Local Flowers: Brighten your living spaces with beautiful bouquets sourced from local flower farms. Not only will your home look gorgeous, but you’ll also be supporting local floriculturists.
  4. Cool off with a Farm Fresh Sweet Treat: Treat yourself to a delectable delight from a local creamery. From handcrafted ice creams to creamy desserts, indulging in these sweet treats supports local dairy farmers and artisans.
  5. Dive into the Craft Beer Scene: Experience the diversity and creativity of Frederick’s craft beer scene. Discover unique flavors and support local breweries in their craft.
  6. Visit farm Stands and On-Farm Markets: Connect with local farms by visiting their roadside stands or markets. From fresh produce to meats and cheeses, you can find a wide array of locally produced foods.
  7. Toast to Local Spirits: Enjoy spirits made with locally grown grains. Support distilleries producing the spirits while celebrating the farmers growing the grains that bring unique flavors to the county.
  8. Attend Special Events: Participate in events hosted by local farms and businesses. These special occasions create opportunities to immerse yourself in the county’s vibrant culture.
  9. Enjoy Harvesting Your Own Local Produce: Embrace the joy of picking or cutting your own fruits, vegetables or flowers at local farms. Spend quality time with loved ones while gathering the freshest products.
  10. Sip at Local Wineries: Relish in relaxation and stunning views at your favorite wineries. Raise a glass to local winemakers and their dedication to their craft.
  11. Explore Homegrown Frederick’s Find Local Products Directory: Take advantage of this resource to find and purchase your favorite local products. Discover new gems and show your support for businesses in your area.Flowers

Let’s come together to celebrate and uplift the extraordinary Frederick County businesses that enrich our communities. Supporting local not only benefits our economy but also promotes sustainability and a stronger sense of belonging. Let’s make a positive impact and savor the unique Homegrown Frederick flavors and while you are immersing yourself in Frederick County agriculture, be sure to check out the Farming Frederick video series and our Homegrown Frederick publication as well!